About Elektormaster

Trading Network "Elektromaster" exists in the market of the city in 1995.

The main objective of our company is providing its customers most diversified and most high-quality range of electrical products.

We offer a list of products known world and domestic producers using on-line, in the presence of more than 10000 types of products from: "ASKO", "ELTIS» «SCHNEIDER ELEKTRIK», «HAGER», «ABB», «Odeskabel", "Teplolux" , "Shield», «ULTRA LIGHT», «EL-BI», «KONTAKT SIMON», «PILA», «PHILIPS», «OSRAM», «BINGO», «BRILUX» «DOSPEL», and others.
Turning to us, you will receive professional advice and be able to make a reservation by phone or Internet - shop.

Our company is constantly expanding and evolving, working to improve service levels and skills of its staff, creates a flexible system of discounts, bonus cards, writing implements for its clients.
In recent years we have substantially increased trade area, the range and quality of our products.
Today in Lviv city and town are: one warehouse and nine shops network Elektromaster.

We hope that you and join our many customers!
Today in Lviv is:
Warehouse "ELEKTROMASTER" at St. A. Stepanivny, 45,
Tel. (032) 239-51-11, 239-50-57, 239-52-24, 247-46-46.
  Lviv, St. .. Gorodotska 104, tel.: (032) 238-20-40;
  DEC South, tel.: (032) 295-50-00, 295-50-05
  Torpedo Street. Corn, tel.: (032) 247-98-85
  Town of St. .. Przemyśl, 14 b, tel. : (231) 319-66.